Roulette ImageRoulette is all about the bets. It is easy to focus only on the actual wheel and the steel ball but a player must be familiar with the layout for the roulette table to understand the game. It is on the roulette table that you will place your bet and it is crucial to know where. There are two very important groups of roulette bets namely inside and outside bets. These include many different types of bets that come with different payouts and opportunities. Read on and learn how to place your inside and outside bets.

The Inside Bet

You can make six different types of inside bets and to show the dealer which one you want you place your chips where it is marked on the roulette table. If you aren’t sure of the layout of the roulette table it is a good idea to look at a picture or play free roulette games till you feel confident that you understand it well enough to place money on it.

Here are the inside bets that you can make:

  • Straight Up – a bet on one single number
  • Split – a bet on two numbers placed next to each other on the table
  • Street or Line – a bet on the vertical line of numbers that separate the inside and outside betting area on the roulette table
  • Corner or Quad – a bet on four numbers
  • Basket – a bet on 0, 00, 1, 2 and 3
  • Double Street – a bet on six numbers

The Outside Bet

The outside bets are the bets that are marked around the numbers. These are as follows:

  • Red or Black – a bet on color
  • Odd or Even – a bet on whether the number will be odd or even
  • Dozen – a bet on 12 consecutive numbers
  • Column – a bet on 12 numbers vertically

Combining Bets

It is possible to combine bets, meaning that you make more than one. Every roulette table will have a betting limit and this is where it becomes important to understand the rules for combing the inside and outside bets. If the limit is set to $5 you can’t spread this sum over the inside and outside bets. You will either put the $5 on the inside bets or on the outside. If you want to add a bet you will have to put in another $5.

Payouts and Odds

Some of the bets have better odds and payouts than the others and you will have to be aware of this to make the right choices. If you make the inside Straight bet it will give you a payout of 1 to 35. This is great but remember that it is very tricky to get that one number right! The worst bet you can choose if probably the inside Basket bet. It pays 6 to 1 and the casino has an edge of 7.89 percent. You better just stay away from it and stick to even money bets like the outside red, black, odd or even bets.

Inside and outside bets in roulette include several bets with various payouts and odds and it is very important to understand more about these before you start to play.