European Roulette ImageBasic roulette strategy will advise you to stick to European roulette. Roulette is not the game where you can expect great winnings to begin with. The House has the advantage also in European roulette. You will simply have to accept this fact and try to enjoy the game for what it is and that shouldn’t be hard. European roulette is very exciting and there are special rules which can let you have a better winning result.

European Roulette

European roulette is the version of this classical game which comes with one zero. This fact alone makes it the most sensible choice for any player. For a beginner player it makes no sense to start anywhere else since the game is pretty much the same anyways and the odds are simply better on this wheel. To place a bet on the European roulette table you can make all of the regular choices. If you play with the outside bets such as red, black, odd or even you will find many European wheels with special rules to spice things up with.

Special European Roulette Rules

The rules that make European roulette more lucrative are called En Prison and La Partage. These rules make it possible for a player to get some of his money back should the ball land on zero. When this happens his bet is kept for one more spin and if he wins on it or the zero comes up again he gets all or half of the original bet back. The special rules are also specific for the casino you are playing with. This is why you always have to read through the instructions for the game, no matter how simple it might seem to you.

Roulette Online

The special rules can be hard to find in online casinos and you need to check out the options available before you make a choice of where to play. Remember that many of the unique roulette games offered in online casinos are simply the European roulette wheel with some added features. By reading roulette reviews and testing new games and casinos you get the best understanding of where the good games are offered.

Playing for free

The best way to stay on top of the European roulette is to play it for free. This is where the online casino wins over the land based. No matter what type of European roulette you go for you should be able to find it for free online. Take the time to push that start button without the fear of losing you hard earned money. See how the different rules influence your winnings and decide what types of bets you like the most. It is always good to come back to free games every now and then and some players enjoy European roulette for free at all times.

European roulette is the most lucrative type of roulette but make sure to keep an eye on what special rules apply and practice them for free whenever you can.