Casino Croupier

The croupier has a very important function in roulette. He has to be stable, honest and always know how to handle the rules and different types of players. Even the online roulette croupier has to face some of the difficulties with players that think that they can get ahead by talking to the croupier but it is the most difficult in the land based setting. Croupiers rarely cheat but it has and does happen. Should you suspect the croupier of cheating there are some things you need to do as soon as possible. Read on!

The Roulette Croupier

To know if the croupier is cheating you need to know what his job really is. A croupier should work silently. He will only announce when you can bet and when no more bets can be made as he lets the wheel slow down. Once the result is clear, the croupier will take in all of the lost bets and make the payouts to those who won. This is not done in real money and you will have to go to the casino cashier with your playing chips to get the cash you won.

Live Roulette Online

When the croupier works in live roulette games online he does pretty much the same things. The only difference is that you will see him on your screen and this could make you feel as if you can’t see everything he does. The advantage with live roulette online is that everything is actually recorded. It is very hard for a croupier to cheat in these games. Should you feel that something was not OK in the live roulette game that you played you should immediately contact the casino staff with your description of what happened. It is also in their interest to check it up closely.

Roulette Tricks

Today the croupier will have to be very good to be able to trick the players and casino by manipulating with the wheel and game. In land based casinos the wheels and balls are constantly checked to make sure that they stay fair. Just like online, there is constant recording of the games in a land based casino. If you think that the croupier cheated, you can demand that the casino checks the filming of the game.

Players and Croupiers

The most important thing to look out for is the communication between croupiers and players. That is, there really shouldn’t be communication between anyone and the croupier. If you think that a player is a bit too friendly with the croupier you should let them know that you think so. If this doesn’t help you should tell the casino staff so that they can keep a close eye on the croupier. Sometimes it is just a player trying to do better by befriending the croupier but it also happens that players and croupiers go together to cheat the casino and the rest of the players at the roulette table.

It is very rare that a croupier cheats. In online live roulette games you are as safe as in a land based casino but keep an eye on too much conversation between players and the croupier.